small changes to improve interoperability with eclipse

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small changes to improve interoperability with eclipse

Alex Cozzi
I tried to use "sbt eclipse” on my mac to generate the eclipse files and noticed that, at least on my machine. I did 3 small changes to the spark build fail to fix the build, i.e. not using relative paths and including sources for ease of debugging. If you would like to include them:

diff --git a/project/SparkBuild.scala b/project/SparkBuild.scala
index 051e510..5427c84 100644
--- a/project/SparkBuild.scala
+++ b/project/SparkBuild.scala
@@ -21,6 +21,8 @@ import Keys._
 import sbtassembly.Plugin._
 import AssemblyKeys._
 import scala.util.Properties
+import com.typesafe.sbteclipse.plugin.EclipsePlugin.EclipseKeys
 // For Sonatype publishing
 //import com.jsuereth.pgp.sbtplugin.PgpKeys._
@@ -111,6 +113,10 @@ object SparkBuild extends Build {
     transitiveClassifiers in Scope.GlobalScope := Seq("sources"),
     testListeners <<= target.map(t => Seq(new eu.henkelmann.sbt.JUnitXmlTestsListener(t.getAbsolutePath))),
+    // Eclipse settings
+    EclipseKeys.relativizeLibs := false,
+    EclipseKeys.withSource := true,
     // Fork new JVMs for tests and set Java options for those
     fork := true,
     javaOptions in Test += "-Dspark.home=" + sparkHome,