[build system] jenkins downtime 01/02/2021 - 01/03/2020

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[build system] jenkins downtime 01/02/2021 - 01/03/2020

shane knapp ☠
the colo facility where jenkins is hosted is going down for roughly a day for some (more) power upgrades.  once the colo is powered back up, we'll make sure that all the jenkins workers and primary nodes are up and happily building.

if anyone notices any issues w/jenkins before, during or after this event, please send an email to [hidden email] and we'll get to it as quickly as we can[1].

wishing everyone here a happy holiday season,


[1] -- these are for issues w/the build system itself, not for things like package installs and updates.  keep those on the apache spark jira.  :)
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