Starting the process for a Spark 2.1.2 Release

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Starting the process for a Spark 2.1.2 Release

Holden Karau
Hi Spark Developers,

After the discussion around the need for a Spark 2.1.2 release I'd like to start get the ball rolling.

If you are a developer on a specific component in Spark now is a good time to look and see if there are any important bug fixes that should be back ported into 2.1.2 and create issues for the back porting so we can track them through out the release.

There are currently no "open" issues for Spark 2.1.2, but I suspect we'll find a few more things to back-port before the first RC is cut. The current list of all of the issues for 2.1.2 (open, resolved, etc.) can be viewed with this filter.

In the meantime I'll be re-familiarizing myself with the Jenkins jobs and updating the release docs to capture some of the institutional knowledge around how publish a release.

If nothing big pops up I'll try and cut an RC1 later on this week :)


Holden :)

Cell : 425-233-8271