Spark History UI Authentication through Azure Active Directory

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Spark History UI Authentication through Azure Active Directory

Hello Team

I am implementing /javax.servlet.filter/ to enable Spark History UI
authentication through Azure Active Directory. I have added the following
configuration to SPARK_HISTORY_OPTS:

/ where
AADAuthentication is the class implementing /javax.servlet.filter/.

As none of the ServletContext's in SparkHistory have Session Management,
getting the session object from the request fails with below error:

/java.lang.IllegalStateException: No SessionManager/

Jetty (spark's integrated web server) supports enabling SessionManager but
is not enabled for SparkHistory UI.  Spark History UI + Keycloak Integration
topic explains on how to enable Session Management for SparkHistory UI
through a spark history configuration.

Can we please add this as a feature request ? I would like to submit a PR
with changes mentioned in the above topic ( SPARK-3168
<>   attempted to add the
mentioned changes but the PR was withdrawn).

Thanks and Regards
G Srikant

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