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andy petrella
Cool that's awesome and something I'll surely investigate in the coming weeks.
Great job!

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De : "Shivaram Venkataraman" <[hidden email]>
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Cc : "Zongheng Yang" <[hidden email]>, "Matthew L Massie" <[hidden email]>
Objet : SparkR developer release
Date : jeu., janv. 16, 2014 23:14

I'm happy to announce the developer preview of SparkR, an R frontend
for Spark. SparkR presents Spark's API in R and allows you to write
code in R and run the computation on a Spark cluster. You can try out
SparkR today by installing it from our github repo at .

Right now SparkR is available as a standalone package that can be
installed to run on an existing Spark installation. Note that SparkR
requires Spark >= 0.9 and the default build uses the recent 0.9
release candidate. In the future we will consider merging this with
Apache Spark.

More details about SparkR and examples of SparkR code can be found at I would like to thank
Zongheng Yang, Matei Zaharia and Matt Massie for their contributions
and help in developing SparkR.

Comments and pull requests are welcome on github.