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Is there something wrong with the Credits section in Release Note <> ?

It is exactly the same with Spark 2.1.0 <>.

在2017年07月12 06时59分,"Michael Armbrust [via Apache Spark Developers List]"<>写道:

Hi all,

Apache Spark 2.2.0 is the third release of the Spark 2.x line. This release removes the experimental tag from Structured Streaming. In addition, this release focuses on usability, stability, and polish, resolving over 1100 tickets.

We'd like to thank our contributors and users for their contributions and early feedback to this release. This release would not have been possible without you.

To download Spark 2.2.0, head over to the download page:

To view the release notes:

(note: If you see any issues with the release notes, webpage or published artifacts, please contact me directly off-list)


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