Join us for AMP Camp 4 on February 11 and enter to win a free Strata pass

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Join us for AMP Camp 4 on February 11 and enter to win a free Strata pass

Scott walent

We are excited that AMP Camp 4 is less than a month away!

AMP Camp 4 will be a compact one-day version of AMP Camp, consisting of two
tutorials at 2014 Strata Conference <> in
Santa Clara. Those tutorials will be run by PhD students and faculty from
the UC Berkeley AMPLab and contain
exercises <>about
the newest components of the Berkeley
Data Analytics Stack (BDAS) <> that
they are actively developing.

The first part<>of
the two-part series will kick off with talks on Spark, Spark Streaming
and Shark. We will then highlight three new components of the Berkeley Data
Analytics Stack (BDAS). We’ll start with BlinkDB, an approximate query
engine for running interactive SQL queries on large volumes of data. Second
up will be MLBase, a platform for implementing and consuming machine
learning algorithms at scale. Then Tachyon, a fault tolerant distributed
in-memory file system.

Later in the day we will host hands-on
basic Spark, Shark and these new BDAS components. Each member of
the training will be provided with access to their own EC2 cluster
pre-loaded with datasets that they can use to run exercises utilizing these
new technologies.

To sign up for AMP Camp 4,
register<>with the
Strata Conference and be sure to select the tutorials day. The
folks at O’Reilly have been gracious enough to offer a 20% discount to the
friends of the AMPLab.

Use the code AMP20 when registering to get 20% off your ticket price.

Lastly, we have a free 3-day conference pass to give out! If you can take a
minute to fill out this short
emails will not be used for marketing purposes), you will be entered
in a drawing to win a 3-day Strata Santa Clara pass. The winner will be
able to join us for AMP Camp 4 and the following 2 days of Strata.

You can access the web form at:

We are excited to share what we have been working on with you. Hope to see
you there!

All the best,