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Help with basic stream action

Basil Hariri

Hi all,


Sorry if this isn’t the right place to ask basic questions, but I’m at the end of my rope here – please let me know where else I can get help if this isn’t the right place.


I’m trying to continuously read from a Kafka topic and send the number of rows Spark has received to a metric tracking service. I’m expecting an unbounded stream of input data, so I need to send the number of rows periodically and will sum them within the metric tracking service. I thought counting per Dataframe or over non-overlapping periods of time would make sense, but I haven’t had luck with either.


Whatever approach I take, I inevitably need to call count() which triggers Spark to execute the DAG and terminate the application (presumably because the count() action has been completed). What I really need is for my Spark application to receive data indefinitely, count the rows periodically, and send the count(s) to the metric tracker.


My current program looks something like this:


val df = spark



.<other options>


.select($"partition", $"timestamp", $"offset", $"value" cast "string")


val metricTracker = new metricTracker()


//Track the metric, second parameter needs to be type Long

metricTracker.track(“numberOfRows”, df.count())


//Output data to console

val query = df




    .trigger(Trigger.Continuous("5 seconds"))



If I remove the metricTracker lines, it receives data indefinitely and prints it to console. When I add the highlighted call to df.count(), it executes and terminates the program very quickly. Any ideas on how I can send the number of rows Spark is receiving/processing from a stream with no end?