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Felix Cheung

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We are pleased to announce that ApacheCon @Home will be held online,
September 29 through October 1.

More event details are available at https://apachecon.com/acah2020 but
there’s a few things that I want to highlight for you, the members.

Yes, the CFP has been reopened. It will be open until the morning of
July 13th. With no restrictions on space/time at the venue, we can
accept talks from a much wider pool of speakers, so we look forward to
hearing from those of you who may have been reluctant, or unwilling, to
travel to the US.
Yes, you can add your project to the event, whether that’s one talk, or
an entire track - we have the room now. Those of you who are PMC members
will be receiving information about how to get your projects represented
at the event.
Attendance is free, as has been the trend in these events in our
industry. We do, however, offer donation options for attendees who feel
that our content is worth paying for.
Sponsorship opportunities are available immediately at

If you would like to volunteer to help, we ask that you join the
[hidden email] mailing list and discuss it there, rather than
here, so that we do not have a split discussion, while we’re trying to
coordinate all of the things we have to get done in this very short time

Rich Bowen,
VP Conferences, The Apache Software Foundation