Dataframe replace 'collect()' going in indefinite time loop

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Dataframe replace 'collect()' going in indefinite time loop

Saurabh Adhikary
final_schema_noise_data = sqlContext.createDataFrame(noise_data_parts,noise_data_struct_schema)

for a_name in name_field_names:
#--- till here final_schema_noise_data.collect() is working---
  for t in noise_chars:
    final_schema_noise_data = final_schema_noise_data.na.replace(t,'',a_name)
    print a_name,t
#The above loop gets completed but final_schema_noise_data.collect() dos not yield any result, cursor goes to next line & some processing goes on for hours but no output.

#Before the inner for loop , the df.collect() gives output in secs & post completion of the loop no output for hours.
Any known issue with the df.na.replace function ??