[DISCUSS][R] Adding magrittr as a dependency for SparkR

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[DISCUSS][R] Adding magrittr as a dependency for SparkR


Hi Everyone,

I'd like to start a discussion about possibility of adding magrittr (https://magrittr.tidyverse.org/) as an explicit dependency for SparkR. For those not familiar with the package, it provides a number small utilities where the most important one is %>% function, similar to pipe-forward (|>) in F# or thread-first macro (->) in Clojure. In other words, it allows us to replace:

df <- createDataFrame(iris)

df_filtered <- filter(df, df$Sepal_Width > df$Petal_Length)

df_projected <- select(df_filtered, min(df$Sepal_Width - df$Petal_Length))


df_projected <- select(

  filter(createDataFrame(iris), column("Sepal_Width") > column("Petal_Length")),

  min(column("Sepal_Width") - column("Petal_Length"))



df_projected <- createDataFrame(iris) %>% 
  filter(.$Sepal_Width > .$Petal_Length) %>%
  select(min(.$Sepal_Width - .$Petal_Length))

It is widely used (see reverse dependency section https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/magrittr/index.html), stable and pretty much a core element of idiomatic R code these days.

Why we might want to add it:

  • Improve readability of SparkR examples which, subjectively speaking, can look a bit archaic.
  • Reduce verbosity of SparkR codebase.

Possible risks:

  • It is additional dependency for CI pipeline.

    A: magrittr is already a transitive dependency for SparkR tests (it is required by testthat), its API is extremely stable and itself requires no dependencies.
  • It is an additional dependency for SparkR installations.

    A: Give widespread usage (over 1200 reverse imports, including some of the most popular packages) it is probably of any, but minimal, R installation.

    While it's just anecdotal evidence, most of the SparkR applications I've seen out there, already use magrittr.


  • Supporting non-standard evaluation.

Thanks in advance for your input.

Best regards,
Maciej Szymkiewicz

Web: https://zero323.net
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Gigs: https://www.codementor.io/@zero323

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